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TruePenny for Employers


The TruePenny Financial Wellness program is designed to help your employees take control of their money, so they can focus on what matters — at work and in their lives.


TruePenny focuses on creating a foundation for financial wellness by helping employees and their families build lasting money habits, increase savings, and to find an approach to money that fits their lifestyle and values.

Employers can have a love-hate relationship with superannuation. They know superannuation is the fundamental building block for Australia’s retirement savings plans, it’s just they sometimes wonder why the burden for administering it has to fall on them.
HC Online, 2016

One way to manage increasing demands and requirements is to hire additional staff and invest in new systems and technology, which can lead to significant expense.

Another solution is to outsource complex non-core functions to specialist organisations like TruePenny Advisers.

The TruePenny Financial Wellness Program is designed to help employers lessen financial stress in the workplace, increase employee engagement and retention, and strengthen workplace culture.

In addition, our employer focused offering enables HR and Payroll teams to focus on managing employees, and not having to stay on top of an ever-changing superannuation landscape.


We can provide modular solutions, where you can choose the services that your employees need, ranging from managing corporate superannuation plans, to standalone financial education support, to fully outsourced superannuation responsibilities. We have a solution ready to fit the needs of your HR & payrolls teams in providing benefits to your employees.

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